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Cappodocia house 1

About Our Houses in Cappadocia

Over the last fifteen years, Cappadocia, like so many other magical far-off places, has been 'discovered' by the mass-tourism industry. This has resulted in some unfortunate disfiguration and some disappointment for those who come here for the first time.

Miraculously, Uçhisar has escaped tasteless over-development, thanks in part to its classification by UNESCO as a protected World Heritage site. It is no coincidence that it in this modest village that our Cappadocia houses (Maisons de Cappadoce in French) are located.

From the beginning, we have maintained a rigorous respect for the local architecture and scale of our surroundings. Each house has been meticulously restored to its original majesty, often from ancient photos when available, by our own trained crew of local craftsmen. Modern amenities and full comfort have been added to each house.

A stay at Maisons de Cappadoce is a way to experience Cappadocia in another way, respectful of its people, the environment, and the natural beauty of the region.

Sixteen Cappadocia houses are currently available at the Maisons de Cappadoce for rental: 10 large houses (suitable for groups of 4 to 9 persons) and 6 studios (for 2 or 3 persons).

Kitchens and kitchenettes are fully equipped. Bathrooms are outfitted with shower, marble washbasins, and WC. For travel information and facilities available in Uçhisar and the surrounding areas please see our set of FAQs about travel and tourism in Cappadocia.

Our housekeeper/guardian lives in immediate proximity to the "Maisons de Cappadoce" and is available 24/7 to help satisfy visitor's needs.

The Houses (4/9 persons)
Cappodocia house 2

Cappodocia house 2
"Maison Le Jardin" (6/7 persons)

A very large house connected with our seminar facilities.
Lovely interior garden with barbecue.
Central heating. Two levels.

Upper level:
Open-air entry.
Bedroom (bed 160) with bathroom
En suite salon (bed 90), bedroom (twin beds 90) with bathroom.

Lower level:
Large troglodytic salon. WC
Fully equipped kitchen with DW
Open air covered dining area.
Winter dining room with fireplace.
Bedroom (bed 160) with fireplace, bathroom.

2014 Rental rates: 400 €/night   
(reserve this house)


"Maison Le Konak" (4/5 persons)

Registered historic monument
Incredible view over the Pigeon Valley.
Central heating. Two levels

Upper level
Entrance, WC, large sitting room, fireplace
Fully-equipped kitchen with DW,
Terrace, outside dining area and barbecue.

Lower level
Bedroom (bed 160), bathroom
Bedroom (twin beds 90), fireplace, bathroom
Small sitting room with one bed (90).

2014 Rental rates: 300 €/night   
(reserve this house)

les chevres

les chevres
"Maison Les Chèvres" (6 personnes)

Remarkable example of Greek architecture.
Spectacular view over the Pigeon Valley.
Two levels.

Upper level:
Open-air entry, pergola and barbecue, large terraces.
Bedroom (twin beds 90) with fireplace. bathroom.
Bedroom (twin beds 90), Bathroom.

Lower level:
Interior courtyard, outside covered dining area.
Fully equipped kitchen with DW.
Bedroom (bed 160), bathroom. dressing room.
Troglodytic rooms

2014 Rental rates: 360 €/night   
(reserve this house)

maison le mariage

les chevres
"Maison Le Mariage" (4 personnes)

Village and valley view.

Upper level
Entrance, fully equipped kitchen with DW,
Sitting room with fireplace, terrace with outside dining area
Bedroom (bed 160)
Bedroom (twin beds 90)
One bathroom

Lower level
Courtyard, large troglodytic rooms

2014 Rental rates: 240 €/night   
(reserve this house)

"Maison La Forge" (4/5 personnes)

One level, Central heating.

Courtyard with outside dining area, barbecue, small garden.
Large troglodytic salon with couch, fireplace and bar.
Fully-equipped kitchen with dishwasher.

Bedroom (bed 160), bathroom.
Bedroom (twin beds 90), bathroom, fireplace.

2014 Rental rates: 280 €/night   
(reserve this house)

La Paille

Vue de La Paille
"Maison La Paille" (6/7 persons)

Exceptional 360° view
Three levels.

Upper level:
Entry, WC, salon with fireplace.
Fully equipped kitchen with DW
Large roof terrace with barbecue and open air dining area

Middle level:
Interior courtyard.
Bedroom (bed 160) with fireplace and bathroom,
Loft with single bed 90.
Bedroom (bed 160), bathroom.

Lower level:
Bedroom (twin beds 90), bathroom, troglodytic salon.

2014 Rental rates: 380 €/night   
(reserve this house)

La Paille

Vue de La Paille
"Maison Le Pont" (6 persons)

Exceptional view. Two levels.

Upper level:
Courtyard, pergola.
Bedroom (bed 160), bedroom (twin beds 90). One bathroom.

Lower level:
Interior courtyard, outside and covered dining area, barbecue.
Fully equipped kitchen with DW
Bedroom (twin beds 90), bathroom. Storage.

2014 Rental rates: 300 €/night   
(reserve this house)


"Maison des Roses" (6/7 persons)

The most beautiful of Cappadocia houses with its private swimming pool.
Gorgeous view over the village and Cappadocia
Six levels. Central heating.

Roof level:
Large sunny terraces. Infinite heated swimming pool 25m2, WC
Dining area, bar, barbecue

Upper level:
Large bedroom (bed 160) with fireplace, bathroom, dressing rooms
Mechanical room for the pool

Middle level:
Small terrace with dining area
Living space in two parts:

  • a vaulted dining room open on the landscape
  • a sitting room with fireplace, TV & DVD salon, WC
Large fully equipped kitchen, storage

Entrance level:
Courtyard with fountain and small rose garden.
Bedroom (bed 160),fireplace, mezzanine, bathroom.

Lower level:
Vaulted open dining area
Equipped kitchen, storage
Large troglodytic triple bedroom (bed 160 & bed 90), bathroom

Underground level: Large troglodytic caves, wine cellar, boiler room.

2014 Rental rates: 980 €/night
Minimum rental: 4 nights
(reserve this house)
Maison Kaya

"Maison Kaya" (2 persons)

In the near future, this house will receive an additional bedroom and several troglodyte living spaces.

One level, magnificent view, central heating.

Bedroom (bed 160cm), fireplace.

Fully equipped kitchen.

Full bath, WC, storage.

Terrace, outdoor dining area, barbeque.

2014 Rental rates: 160 €/night   
(réserver cette maison)

The Studios (2/3 persons)
Studio La Chevre

Garden Studio La Chevre
"Studio Les Chèvres" (2/3 persons)

Gorgeous view over the Pigeon Valley,
Central heating.

Sitting room with couch,
Fully equipped kitchennette
Troglodytic bedroom (bed 160), fireplace. bathroom
Terrace garden and outside dining area with barbecue

2014 Rental rates: 180 €/night   
(reserve this house)

Studio Le Pont

Garden Studio Le Pont
"Studio Le Pont" (2 persons)

A nest in the rock.

One room (bed 160), kitchenette, bathroom.
Terrace with outside dining area with barbecue.

Wonderful private garden and view.

2014 Rental rates: 140 €/night   
(reserve this house)

Studio La Paille

Studio La Paille
"Studio La Paille" (2/3 persons)

A lovely retreat with view over the valley.

Studio with bedroom (twin beds 90), bathroom,
Small room with single bed 90.

Fully equipped kitchen,
Garden patio,outside dining area with barbecue.

2014 Rental rates: 150 €/night   
(reserve this house)

Studio La Forge

View Studio La Forge
"Studio La Forge" (2 persons)

A two-room apartment with exceptional view.
Central heating.

Sitting room and fully equipped kitchen with DW, fireplace.
Bedroom (bed 160), bathroom,
Large terrace with outside dining area and barbecue

2014 Rental rates: 190 €/night   
(reserve this house)

Studio Kaya "Studio Kaya" (2/3 persons)

Your nest in the rock.

Studio bed (160), fireplace, bathroom.
Small room wiith bed (90).
American equipped kitchen,
Outside private terrace with dining area and barbecue

2014 Rental rates: 150 €/night   
(reserve this house)

Studio Ferme "Studio La Ferme" (2 persons)

An ethereal hermitage situated in a large (1600m2) garden, at the beginning of the Valley of Pigeons.

Living, fully-equipped kitchen, DW
Bedroom with large bed (180), fireplace, bath
Roofed patio with outdoor dining area and BBQ

2014 Rental rates: 150 €/nuit   
(reserve this house)

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